Online Course – Tropicize to Health and Happiness in Just 30 Days

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“Tropicize to Health & Happiness in Just 30 Days” is a fun island-inspired 30-day health and happiness online course for people feeling overworked, overwhelmed and stressed with daily life.  It integrates tropical music, food and dances to create a fun and motivating experience to help members lose weight, reduce stress, increase energy, and improve mental clarity and physical health while feeling relaxed and refreshed.  Participants meet twice a week for 4 weeks via web conferencing, once for a training class and one for a group coaching session to answer questions.

In this online course, participants will learn how to:

  • Create a Treasure Map for Health and Happiness
  • Develop a Personal Tropicize Action Plan
  • Tropicize Your Life
  • Keep Tropicizing


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