Welcome to Tropicize, a fun island-inspired health and happiness program for people feeling overworked, overwhelmed and stressed with daily life!  Tropicize integrates tropical music, food and dances to create a fun and motivating experience to help members lose weight, reduce stress, increase energy, and improve mental clarity and physical health while feeling relaxed and refreshed.   Tropicize is designed for all ages, from children to seniors and everyone else in between.  In fact, our goal with Tropicize is to make you feel like you are at an island party!  It's time time release your inner tiki and start island dreamin'...

Rest & Relaxation

Learn how to relax and reduce your stress so you can think clearer and enjoy life.

Delicious Food and Drinks

Learn how to find or prepare delicious and healthy meals and drinks.

Fun Dances and Exercises

Learn how to get physically fit and have fun with a little island music and dancing.

Explore gorgeous tropical gardens for free – and a bribe
Do you have a Prime membership from Amazon? I promise this isn't an ad for Amazon, but a Prime membership[...]
Find your inner mermaid – in MONTANA!
Mermaids? In Montana? Absolutely! Complete proof that you can create your own tropical paradise anywhere, the O'Haire Motor Inn in[...]
Cruise through life with more island music!
Music can be your motivation to get up and dance. Music can be what relaxes you at the end of[...]
Mango Ceviche
Traditionally ceviche is a dish made with seafood, however this unique version is simpler and gives you tons of flavor[...]
My Dollar Store and Leftover Dinner
This is one of my favorite supercheap and superfast meals - has everyone already thought of this?  I take whatever[...]
Start a Hawaiian tradition – Take off your shoes! (or flip flops)
In Hawaii, it's the custom to take off your shoes before entering your (or someone else's) home. The tradition started[...]
Cold Brew Colada
Naturally I am not what you would call a morning person... but a sip of this drink and you'll be[...]
Two Bean Enchiladas
The name Enchilada comes from the spanish verb enchilar which mean "to add chili pepper to". In this recipe we will[...]
Golden Orange Goji Smoothie
Thanks to Green Blender for helping us get more healthful sweet potatoes into our diet in the most delicious way!
Fakin’ Bacon BLT Club Sandwich
This is a pretty obvious recipe but many people haven't had the treat of a non-meat BLT yet - and[...]
Pineapple Island Ice Cream
This pineapple ice cream takes only TWO ingredients. You heard me right. Frozen pineapple teamed up with So Delicious vanilla[...]
Plantain and Black Bean Breakfast Burrito
This is a sweet and spicy burrito that will get you up and ready to take on the day!

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