Cruise through life with more island music!

Music can be your motivation to get up and dance. Music can be what relaxes you at the end of a busy day.  Music adds the fun to any kind of party – in fact it’s hard to think of an occasion or mood that isn’t made better with music. And tropical island music – whether it’s calypso or soca from the Caribbean, Jawaiian or traditional hula songs from Hawaii, or anything in between, can energize or relax you better than just about any other type of music. (Course being in a tropical band I’m just a wee bit prejudiced!)

Think back to any tropical sounding music you’ve heard and loved and create a songlist for your phone or laptop, or just burn CDs if you don’t have newer technologies.  Creating an island playlist is guaranteed to add more fun, inspiration and relaxation to your life!

Need some ideas? We’ll be sharing some of our favorites including many you probably don’t know, but some obvious choices to start out with include Jimmy Buffett, the Beach Boys, the Zac Brown Band, Kenny Chesney, Bob Marley and the Wailers, the Ventures, and Harry Belafonte. Many tropical bands’ websites  (including the band I’m in, the Tsunami Wave Riders) have playlists posted that you can mine for musical treasures. Check out on itunes, youtube, or CDbaby as well by searching under the terms palm trees, tiki bars, troprock, exotica, sailing songs, steel drums, calypso, soca, Hawaiian, and Jawaiian. Try this link for some interesting ideas:

It’s also fun to use the shazam app if you’re lucky enough to travel to tropical destinations (and sometimes you can find tropical destinations in the most unlikely of places – for instance there’s a Trader Vic’s Restaurant in downtown Atlanta that makes you feel like you just stepped into Bora Bora, and you will hear a variety of eclectic music (our band  played there a time or two – and oh hey – I left a tropical lamp there once – if you see it, snag it for me!) besides being immersed in tropical splendor and food and drink concoctions of every kind.

OR – Make your own music!  Do you or a friend or relative own a keyboard that has built-in arrangements (in other words. almost every modern-day keyboard)? Tropical-sounding tempos like calypso, Latin rhythms, ocean sounds, etc. are great to add a little melody to and make your own music!

Now create that tropical songlist and get the island party started!


Dancers on Catalina Island, Dominican Republic

Joanna Tropical Lady

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