My Dollar Store and Leftover Dinner

This is one of my favorite supercheap and superfast meals – has everyone already thought of this?  I take whatever Chinese leftovers I can scrounge up – mine or someone elses’s as long as they’re vegetarian – and I add up to a 10 ounce pack of Dollar store broccoli to them, and – voila! (what’s the Chinese translation for that?)  Instant yummy and pretty  healthy dinner – yummy because you have all the flavors from a Chinese restaurant, but way healthier because the ubiquitous oils are spread throughout a whole dinner instant of concentrated in a small portion.

If you’ve ordered (and I hope you have – it would be a great choice!) steamed tofu and veggies with sauce on the side such as the one dish in the picture, featured on most Chinese menus in the vegetarian section, you can add just a little of the sauce for flavor but use Bragg’s liquid aminos, low sodium soy sauce, sriracha sauce, etc. for the main kick.

For extra bonus points, order brown rice on the side instead of white if your Chinese or Asian restaurant offers it as an option – otherwise you can make your own.

People usually aren’t as crazy about brown rice but I have a couple secrets in that department – But that’s a blog for another time!….

Joanna Tropical Lady

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